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Animation Courtyard

Animation Courtyard is located right through the archway to the right of the Chinese Theatre. This section of the park is always packed. There are four reasons for this, Playhouse Disney: Live on Stage, Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Magic of Disney Animation and a meet and greet for playhouse disney.

At Playhouse Disney, Casey, the "Playhouse Disney-Live on Stage!" host, assists the audience in a variety of dance and sing-along activities, encouraging children to join in the fun throughout the show. The stars of the entertaining new show are characters from the Disney Channel's hit Playhouse Disney programming block geared to preschool audiences.

The 22-minute stage show, performed several times daily, stars some of the world's most popular children's TV characters, where they come to life as never before in the all-new "Playhouse Disney-Live on Stage!" Children are invited to sing, dance and play along as their beloved friends from "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," "Handy Manny," "Little Einsteins" and others appear in a new live adventure.

Mickey's colorful clubhouse opens up with delightful characters and marvelous special effects to make kids a part of the interactive magic -- helping their pals create the best surprise birthday party ever for Minnie Mouse. In addition to the bubbly, breezy effects, music also fills the air as youngsters join the gang in singing along with catchy tunes that make Playhouse Disney such a fun place every morning -- only this time, they're a part of the wonderful new fun.

Voyage of the Little Mermaid features dazzling special effects, the show combines live performers with giant puppets and favorite clips from the film to tell the delightful story of Ariel.

Guests are plunged deep into fantasy as they enter a theater that recalls an underwater grotto complete with a curtain of water on stage. Even the air smells salty, and the audience can feel the sea mist and wind.

Sebastian kicks off the voyage with his Academy Award-winning melody, "Under the Sea," with more than 100 black-light puppets performing to the toe-tapping tune.

Ariel shares her dream of becoming human in a live performance of the song "Part of Your World," casting her ethereal voice throughout the theater. The segment is highlighted by several scenes from the movie, drawing the audience into the mermaid's wide-eyed fantasy of winning the heart of her true love, Eric.

But evil enters the picture in the form of the 12-foot-tall, 10-foot-wide villain known as Ursula. With her deep voice dripping of sarcasm, she belts out "Poor Unfortunate Souls," tempting Ariel with the chance to become human. Desperate for the opportunity, the red-headed mermaid agrees to trade her prized possession . . . her voice.

The Magic of Disney Animation attraction showcases Disney's style of bringing stories and animation characters to life. Guests see what goes into making an animated film and then can join in the fun and test their own animation skills.

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