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Transformation to the New Vacation Club Resort to be completed 2003

NOTE: This resort is currently closed and will reopen in 2003 as a new vacation club resort. All of the classes are no longer offered. According to our sources, they are planning to keep all the classes that were available to the Disney Institute for the Villas at the Disney Institute, at least initially. For informational purposes, I am leaving the information that pertains to the Disney Institute up until more detailed information arrives. Prices are for informational purposes and reflect what it used to cost when it was open.

Imagine a vacation that offers not only the fun and excitement of Walt Disney World Resort, but an opportunity to become more skilled and creative at your favorite hobby.

The Disney Institute, a resort that has become synonymous with learning vacations, is now offering a selection of new packages that immerse guests in their favorite activities while incorporating more of the Vacation Kingdom than ever before.

The lineup of Disney Institute "Experiences" features packages focused specifically on a guest's choice of the culinary arts, photography, animation or gardening; or mix-and-match with choices from these and a variety of other interest areas like rock climbing or television production. The three-night packages include accommodations, a choice of four Disney Institute hands-on programs and unlimited use of the Disney Institute Fitness Center. Every package also includes the Disney Institute World Experience Feature, which allows guests to experience even more of Walt Disney World Resort by choosing from one of the following: an additional Disney Institute program, spa treatment, dinner coupon for select Walt Disney World restaurants, twilight round of golf, tennis/golf lesson or one-day/one-park Disney theme park ticket. Prices begin at $599 per person, based on double occupancy.

The Disney Institute Culinary Experience puts guests in state-of-the-art kitchens with professional chef instructors. At individual cooking stations, they pick up tips, techniques and inspiration while immersing themselves in international cuisine, food and wine pairings, wine appreciation, baking and healthy cooking.

Added bonuses include an exclusive Culinary Vacation Journal, which includes introductions to the Disney Institute chef instructors, recipe cards and certificates that will be signed by the chefs at the successful completion of a program. And, sometime during their stay, guests can take the exclusive Professional Chefs Kitchen program. An extension of regular programming, this custom-designed culinary studio provides instructional sessions that give guests a chance to explore their choice of four areas: kitchen design and equipment; culinary software and Internet sources; tasting signature and grand-reserve wines; or sampling a unique food product that is at its peak of ripeness and perfection.

Guests choosing the Photography Experience find themselves "on assignment" with professional photographers and other guests who share their passion for photography. This package features workshop discussions, instructor presentations and exciting expeditions to various Walt Disney World locations to explore such areas as outdoor, travel and portrait photography, as well as photojournalism using the latest Nikon equipment.

Working side-by-side with Disney Institute instructors, guests can learn new approaches to composition and lighting, while acquiring new camera skills to help build their own personal portfolios. Also included in the package is a Camera Basics class that helps guests become familiar with photographic equipment, a review of their work with an instructor, a portfolio for the new images as well as Kodak film and processing.

Guests in the Disney Institute Animation Experience explore the world of animation while learning artistic techniques from Disney Institute animation instructors. Also included are four animation programs, the Animator's Workshop and an Animation Vacation Journal.

The Disney Institute Gardening Experience will cultivate weekend hobbyists and dedicated green thumbs. A completely new lineup of gardening programs gives guests the opportunity to bring the magic of Disney gardening home by exploring garden design, unearthing successful gardening techniques and discovering the creativity of garden ornamentation.

All gardening programs take place among the flora at Disney Institute's award-winning Teaching Gardens, and guests receive a Gardening Vacation Journal with each package.

For those who want it all, the Dabbler Package gives guests a choice of five programs from any Disney Institute program area, including culinary arts, photography, gardening, animation, television production, and health and fitness.

The 457-room Disney Institute is a unique way to vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort. In addition to hands-on programming, the campus-like setting also offers first-class recreation with a 38,000-square-foot Fitness Center, full-service spa, 18-hole championship golf course, lighted clay tennis courts and four swimming pools. Dining opportunities include a full-service restaurant serving classic Floridian dishes and a gourmet coffee shop featuring light fare.